Larson Medical Sharpening

Quality – Integrity – Tradition

Larson Medical Sharpening

Quality – Integrity – Tradition

Medical Instrument Sharpening

for Medical Professionals

For medical professionals, razor-sharp tools and surgical instruments are of absolute necessity. Without them, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other medical doctors, and research labs can’t do their jobs properly. At Larson Medical Sharpening, we provide mobile top-quality medical instrument sharpening throughout and beyond the San Diego, CA area.




Plastic surgeons

General surgeons

Research Labs

About Larson Medical Sharpening

Sharpening Service in San Diego, CA

Larson Medical Sharpening is a one-stop-shop for all your instrument sharpening needs. Our premier sharpening service in San Diego sharpens medical instruments. Trust us to return razor-sharp instruments that work like new.

Fast, Convenient Service

We make sharpening your instruments convenient with our mobile, onsite services. We come to you so that you don’t need to send your instruments out to be sharpened. 


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Attention Customers:

We no longer sharpen knives or scissors. We only sharpen medical instruments!